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What is Alidya Anti-Cellulite Treatment?


is the first ever injectable solution,

made in 2014 by a plastic surgeon,

Professor Paquale Motolose, who in 2009 created Aqualyx the fat dissolving solution.

Alidya was specifically formulated to reduce and eliminate cellulite. A revolutionary injectable mesotherapy solution for the treatment and prevention of cellulite. It is a specially-formulated solution with several compounds each working together to eliminate cellulite.

It has been designed to prevent cellulite by neutralising the toxic activity of iron (accumulated anodically in the tissue that presents cellulitis).

It also helps to change the tissue (making it basic) and getting an improvement of tissue oxygenation and normalization of the physiological function of adipocytes of subcutaneous adipose tissue

It is injected through mesotherapy treatment in the area affected by cellulitis.

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