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Aftercare for Aqualyx

Following the aftercare after having an Aqualyx fat dissolving treatment is very important for the results that you wish to achieve. If all aftercare is not followed then this can affect the potential results from this treatment or delay any targets you wish to reach.

There are a few key steps you can take to help you both minimise visible bruising and swelling and recover as quickly as possible. The more closely you follow these steps, the faster you will recover and the fewer signs will be visible:

- Avoid any blood thinners (e.g. alcohol, Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, some herbal preparations and supplements) for 2 days prior to and 2 days after treatment. Thin blood results in increased risk of bruising, so help minimise bruising risk by avoiding anything that can thin your blood.

- Arnica cream: Available in Boots, apply generously before going to bed, will help resolve bruising.

- Avoid touching the treatment area for 6 hours after the treatment.

- After that the area can be gently washed with soap and water, and light make-up can be applied in the case of the neck/jaw area after 24 hours.

- Until the initial swelling has resolved, do not expose the treated area to intense heat (e.g. sauna, steam room, sun beds and sunbathing) or extreme cold.

- No strenuous exercise for at least 48hrs

- Maintain a healthy balanced diet

- Exercise/move daily (A daily 30 minute brisk walk is good). Eating a healthy diet and taking regular physical exercise will help to improve fat loss and limit new fat gain.

- Drink at least 2L of water a day, this helps reduce swelling, flushes the fat through the lymphatic system quicker and keeps you feeling energised and hydrated.

- If painful immediately after treatment please do not use any pain relief OTHER than paracetamol. 2x 500mg is the maximum dosage. No ibuprofen!!!

- Massage daily. The area will feel tender but persist with gentle circular motions for 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

- A cold compress may help with swelling and inflammation

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