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Within this industry we do tend to forget that not everyone understands the industry jargon and that treatments can be a bit confusing and not always easy to understand so within this blog we will be answering all the questions we get asked a lot so hopefully this will help you and save you time so you can book straight away without needing to message us.

So without further a do...


How do I book an appointment?

All appointments are made online through the Booking/Prices tab on the website.

Any fat dissolving treatments paid for in the Buy Now Pay Later tab will need to be booked via message/email.

Do you need to take any information from me prior to an appointment?

Upon booking an appointment you will receive an email requesting you to fill out a consultation form (for massage treatments you will get a second more in depth form to fill out). All consultation forms will need to be filled out online prior to your appointment, this ensures that we can check that you are able to have the treatment done and also lets us know of any medical details or allergies we should be aware of.

If I have certain health conditions are you able to advise what treatments I can have?

Depending on the health condition we can advise on what treatments are available to you but we always encourage to seek medical confirmation from your GP if you are at all uncertain about any treatments.

Does pregnancy restrict the treatments I can have?

Most treatments during pregnancy can be adapted to accommodate and ensure your comfort throughout a treatment but yes there are certain treatments that we offer that would not be suitable to have during pregnancy; Fat dissolving, massage (We would recommend seeking a therapist that offers pregnancy massage), also anything that requires a patch test you will need to have another patch test done again to ensure your hormones haven't altered your tolerance to certain ingredients.

But we would always advise to seek medical advise from your GP or midwife to ensure you can go ahead with any treatment.

Are you fully qualified in all treatments you offer and insured?

The short answer yes I am fully qualified in all treatments I offer and I am insured for all the treatments I offer.

If you would like to see any confirmation of my qualifications please do not hesitate to ask and I can send over all qualifications and certificates.

I am insured with a company called Insync, they are a very well known and prestigious insurance company within the beauty industry and will not insure you unless you have proof of qualifications.

What payment methods do you accept?

All payments can be made online through the booking system, alternatively the remainder of your treatment can be paid in person via card, cash or bank transfer.

Deposits will be taken online through the website either via card, paypal or klarna (for fat dissolving).

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